single shaft shredders

single shaft shredders

Harden single shaft shredders are specifically developed for the size reduction of different material.


Single shaft shredders are widely used in crushing plastic, wood, paper, light alloy pieces, cables and much more. Suitable for the recycling of any plastic parts, purges, films, and car components, these single shaft shredders are also suitable for electric cables, wood, paper, etc. Compared with two shaft shredders, single shaft shredder discharging thinner particles, the minimum level is 5mm.

single shaft shredder

Benefits / characteristics:

1) Cutting camber and the rotor of Harden single shaft shredders allows efficient cutting of material;

2) Harden single shaft shredders  offers energy savings;

3) High-performance motors with a variety of power ratings;

4) Safety package with gear limit switch and reverse counter;

5) The use of different types of knives enables task-specific adaptation to the material being shredded.

3) Harden single shaft shredders offers lower noise.

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