Get customized designThe in depth knowledge of the problems relevant to waste disposal and recycling of waste material and the technological skills acquired over the years, allow the company to offer concrete answers and efficient solutions for the various fields of application: from paper to wood, from plastic to metals from WEEE to tyres and up to more specific and peculiar applications such as oil filters, electrical wires, oversized waste, hospital and other dangerous waste.

  Recycling of plastic

The world of recycling plastic imposes very strict standards in terms of the uniformity and cleanliness of the material to be sent for transformation. Consistent pieces, separation from metallic particles, washing and the uniformity of categories are some of the elements that give added value to the “ground material”. The possibility to use shredders, grinders or granulators to deal with individual necessities allows Harden to develop solutions that are suitable for all types of plastic:

  • Plastics from foodstuffs (PET)
  • Various types of film (industrial or agricultural)
  • Working waste (blocks or sprues)
  • Mixed plastics
  • Fenders, tanks and other plastics in the automotive sector
  • Carpet
  • Raffia big-bag
  • Various types of containers
  • Plastic together with other materials