Extrusion Lump Shredders – Video

Extrusion Lump Shredders

What is extrusion lump?

Extruded lump here means the big plastic lump made by compressing plastic into some shape via the process of extruding through a die. The heat and pressure of the extrusion process serves to bind the plastic into a log that can then be carbonized, i.e., made into extrusion lump log.

Applications of Extrusion Lump Shredders

A new style of  Extrusion Lump Shredders for plastic recycling was burn. This Extrusion Lump Shredders is single shaft shredder with the applications of shredding extrusion lumps, plastic bottles, milk tanks, sheet,  PVC pipes, PE pipes, irrigation hoses, and other plastic scraps.

To know more about Extrusion Lump Shredders, Please watch the video show working of Extrusion Lump Shredders.


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