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Small Lump Shredder

Small Lump Shredder

A newly developed small lump shredder of Harden is unveiling recently, which belonged SS series single-shaft shredders come equipped with a tangential infeed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system.

Small Lump Shredder Applications

Our sall lump shredder especially designed for processing the thicker sections of injection, blow molding flash and extrusion mold startup purge  in house recycling.

Our Small lump shredder can shred:

  • Small lumps(plastic lumps, aluminium lumps)
  • Film
  • Hollow moulds
  • Head waste and purges from injection
  • Blow molding processes purges
  • Extrusion purges
and so on…

The material after shred with our small lump shredder can be processed further in a granulator to be reintroduced into the production process immediately.

Our small lump shredder also can be used to reduce size of sensitive products or to recycle small batches of low volume products to avoid contamination of the main product line.

Small Lump Shredder Functions

*Crush  various metal & nonmetallic lumps to bits
*Plug and play controls
*Compact design with low noise level
*Can be fed manually or by conveyor
*Material discharge can be done via conveyor or into a drop box

Small Lump Shredder Specifications

Model SS600
Drive Electric
Motor Power 20HP
Voltage 380/400/415/460 etc
Screen Diameter 25mm
Feeding Size 900X450mm
Machine Weight 2300kg
Machine Dimension 1250X900X2160mm
End product size 25mm (Depends on the screen diameter )
Capacity 300kg/h

Small Lump Shredder Picture

Small Aluminium Lump Shredder SS600

The small lump shredder can ingest lumps with diameters up to 200mm







New style of single shaft crusher

In order to reduce the size before putting into the incinerator, landfills, composting systems,the solid waste must be crushed in advance, after crushed, the

New style of single shaft crusher

New style of single shaft crusher

large gap of the solid waste is eliminated, not only the size is uniform, but also the quality of material is even, which make the compaction easy in the landfill. There are many crushing methods for solid waste, basically have impact crushing, shear crushing, extrusion crushing, friction crushing and so on. In addition, there are proprietary low temperature crushing and mixed type crushing, etc.

On your right side is a new style of single shaft crusher harden made. The crushing method of this single shaft crusher is  impact crushing, which was widely used in recycling plastic including plastic bottle, plastic cans, plastic bucket, plastic boxes, head material and other waste plastic, rubber, paper, waste carpet, kichen garbage, door window frame, more than glass fiber, glass reinforced plastics and other industrial waste and size reduction. The final material particle range is 12 ~ 80 mm.



Company introduce

Harden Industries manufactures single shaft shredders in China. Our products include light duty shredders and heavy duty shredders with driving power ranges from from 3.75KW to 115kw. Contact us and tell us your requirement. We are happy to answer your questions and offer competitive price to you.

Harden’s single shaft shredder are specially design for plastic bottle and drum recycling and other light duty shredding works. The machines are very compact in design and they work efficiently.

Harden can customize your shredder according to your needs, that is, to your specific application conditions and equip it with appropriate counter blades and discs. Thus, we can offer you a machine that is perfectly adjusted to your individual requirements.