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How the single-shaft shredder works

How the single-shaft shredder works

how is single-shaft shredder work

A hydraulic ram forces the material against the single shaft rotor grinder which produces consistent sized particulates that fall through the screen.

Single-shaft shredders comprise an amp-controlled hydraulic ram, which moves the plastic purging or part to be reduced against a single cutter shaft, rotating
relatively slowly, at about 100 to 125 rpm. This low-speed, high-torque shaft has precision, four-point cutters embedded in it, which shear the material against a bed knife (counter-knife) and feed the resulting ‘scissor-cut’ granules through a screen of a size predetermined to provide granulate of the desired size.

The cutters provide an angled cut against the profiled bed knife, cutting like scissors.

A screen is used to determine of the resulting particulate
altered to provide granules of between 3/8 and 5/8, or eve