Beverage Aluminum Cans Shredder

Beverage Aluminum Cans Shredder

Beverage Aluminum Cans Shredder was manufactured by Harden for Beverage Aluminum Cans size reduction, which in turn reduces the storage space required in some recycling site, work shop, drop off center or even on board aluminum cansAluminum Cans Recycling and Crushing recycling.

Beverage Aluminum Cans Shredder manufactured by Harden has wide applications, which is designed especially for aluminum waste disposing. Compared with other shredding machine, our shredding machine included many advantages including: price is 1/3 of developed countries with same installation, good quality with German technology, more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, smoother operating, higher efficiency, easy operate and maintain, etc.

If you are searching Beverage Aluminum Cans  Shredder, Harden brand is your ideal choice, hoping to cooperate with you in the near future, any questions please Contact Harden.

How the single-shaft shredder works

How the single-shaft shredder works

how is single-shaft shredder work

A hydraulic ram forces the material against the single shaft rotor grinder which produces consistent sized particulates that fall through the screen.

Single-shaft shredders comprise an amp-controlled hydraulic ram, which moves the plastic purging or part to be reduced against a single cutter shaft, rotating
relatively slowly, at about 100 to 125 rpm. This low-speed, high-torque shaft has precision, four-point cutters embedded in it, which shear the material against a bed knife (counter-knife) and feed the resulting ‘scissor-cut’ granules through a screen of a size predetermined to provide granulate of the desired size.

The cutters provide an angled cut against the profiled bed knife, cutting like scissors.

A screen is used to determine of the resulting particulate
altered to provide granules of between 3/8 and 5/8, or eve

Small Lump Shredder

Small Lump Shredder

A newly developed small lump shredder of Harden is unveiling recently, which belonged SS series single-shaft shredders come equipped with a tangential infeed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system.

Small Lump Shredder Applications

Our sall lump shredder especially designed for processing the thicker sections of injection, blow molding flash and extrusion mold startup purge  in house recycling.

Our Small lump shredder can shred:

  • Small lumps(plastic lumps, aluminium lumps)
  • Film
  • Hollow moulds
  • Head waste and purges from injection
  • Blow molding processes purges
  • Extrusion purges
and so on…

The material after shred with our small lump shredder can be processed further in a granulator to be reintroduced into the production process immediately.

Our small lump shredder also can be used to reduce size of sensitive products or to recycle small batches of low volume products to avoid contamination of the main product line.

Small Lump Shredder Functions

*Crush  various metal & nonmetallic lumps to bits
*Plug and play controls
*Compact design with low noise level
*Can be fed manually or by conveyor
*Material discharge can be done via conveyor or into a drop box

Small Lump Shredder Specifications

Model SS600
Drive Electric
Motor Power 20HP
Voltage 380/400/415/460 etc
Screen Diameter 25mm
Feeding Size 900X450mm
Machine Weight 2300kg
Machine Dimension 1250X900X2160mm
End product size 25mm (Depends on the screen diameter )
Capacity 300kg/h

Small Lump Shredder Picture

Small Aluminium Lump Shredder SS600

The small lump shredder can ingest lumps with diameters up to 200mm